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Areas of Expertise

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy

My name is Thea and I provide Eye movement Desensitiation Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to help individuals overcome a range of mental health issues. This includes historic and/or recent trauma that could be causing you anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms and more. My approach is tailored to your unique needs and goals, and my aim is to help you to achieve lasting positive change in your life.

EMDR is a structured therapy that encourages the client to briefly focus on the trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (for example eye movements), which has been associated with the reduction in the vividness and emotion associated with the traumatic memories. EMDR therapy is a psychotherapy technique that has been extensively researched and has been proven to be effective in helping people recover from trauma and PTSD symptoms. 


Therapy sessions cost £50 for a 60 minute session. Your first session will be the initial consultation where we can discuss what's going on for you right now; I will explain how EMDR works and we can decide together if this is the best approach for you. 

To avoid being charged, cancellations must be made 48hrs before the appointment. A charge of £25 will be applied for any cancellations within 48hrs or if you do not attend your appointment. This is to cover room fees and other expenses. 

My Approach
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